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Boulou & Elios Ferrè

They are more than a band together.

Elios and Boulou Ferre, the talented brothers hailing from France, are renowned jazz guitarists following in the footsteps of their father, Matelo Ferret. With a rich musical heritage, they have carved their own unique path in the world of jazz.

As Boulou said in the “Django Legacy (1990) documentary:

“…Django was the pope and the Ferret’s were the bishops. A trinity, religious, and ritualistic link. And the gypsies are like a family, a saga…”

This video is one of the best explanations of the gypsy jazz, jazz manouche, Django´s Music, and of the gypsies and their worldwide legacy for this unique style of playing and performing music…Merci Boulou!

Elios Ferre was born on September 26, 1957, while his brother Boulou Ferre was born on October 24, 1951. Growing up in a musical family, they were exposed to the enchanting sounds of Gypsy jazz from an early age. Their father, Matelo Ferret, himself a respected guitarist, played a significant role in shaping their musical journeys.

Embracing their heritage, Elios and Boulou Ferre immersed themselves in the distinct style of Gypsy jazz, also known as jazz manouche. They drew inspiration from the legendary Django Reinhardt, who pioneered the genre. Infusing their own creative flair, they developed a captivating style characterized by dazzling virtuosity, intricate improvisations, and a deep appreciation for melody.

Throughout their careers, Elios and Boulou Ferre have collaborated with esteemed musicians, both as a duo and as individual artists. They have graced stages across the globe, captivating audiences with their technical brilliance and captivating performances. Their concerts are a mesmerizing blend of fiery solos, intricate interplay, and soulful expressions that transport listeners to the heart of Gypsy jazz.

Influenced not only by Django Reinhardt but also by various jazz luminaries, Elios and Boulou Ferre have embraced a wide range of musical influences. They have ventured into different jazz sub-genres, exploring the realms of bebop, swing, and fusion while staying true to their Gypsy jazz roots.

The discography of Elios and Boulou Ferre showcases their remarkable artistry and mastery of the guitar. Their albums, both as a duo and as individual artists, capture their unique musical expressions and showcase their virtuosity. Notable recordings include “Pour Django” (Elios Ferre), “Vague à l’âme” (Boulou Ferre), and the collaborative album “Gypsy Dreams.”

Elios and Boulou Ferre’s contributions to the world of jazz, particularly in preserving and expanding the Gypsy jazz tradition, are invaluable. They have not only inherited their father’s musical legacy but have also created their own indelible mark on the genre. Their passion, technical prowess, and unwavering commitment to their craft continue to inspire aspiring guitarists and jazz enthusiasts worldwide.

As the sons of Matelo Ferret, Elios and Boulou Ferre carry on the family tradition with utmost dedication, breathing new life into Gypsy jazz and captivating audiences with their extraordinary talent. Their musical journey is a testament to the enduring legacy of the Ferret family and their invaluable contributions to the world of jazz.