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Welcome and thanks for visiting our site. It’s dedicated to the life and legacy of guitarist Django Reinhardt and his music.


Django Reinhardt

“Django, Like us: you have no king, no set of rules, but you have a mistress: Music” Manouche poet Sarah Jayat, 1961.

What is Gypsy jazz ?

Gypsy Jazz, also known as Jazz Manouche or Hot Club Jazz, is a vibrant genre that emerged in the 1930s, heavily influenced by Django Reinhardt. Combining traditional Romani music with jazz, it features energetic rhythm guitars playing “la pompe” and captivating solos on instruments like the guitar and violin.

Gypsy Jazz evokes joy, freedom, and spontaneity, with its lively tempo and infectious swing. It continues to thrive with a global following, celebrating the legacy of Django Reinhardt and the improvisational spirit of this lively genre.

Difference between gypsy jazz and jazz ?

Gypsy Jazz, or Jazz Manouche, combines traditional Romani music with jazz, featuring energetic rhythm guitars and virtuosic solos. Traditional Jazz encompasses various styles and influences, with complex harmonies and improvisation.

The main difference between Gypsy Jazz and traditional Jazz lies in their origins, musical styles, and cultural influences. Gypsy Jazz, also known as Jazz Manouche, emerged in the 1930s and was pioneered by Django Reinhardt and the Quintette du Hot Club de France. It combines elements of traditional Romani music with jazz.

Who is Mario Maccaferri and what does he have to do with selmer?

Mario Maccaferri was an Italian-born luthier and musician that collaborated with Henri Selmer, a French instrument maker, to create a line of guitars known as “Selmer-Maccaferri,” which became popular among Gypsy Jazz musicians, most notably Django Reinhardt.

His contributions to the Selmer guitar’s design and popularity made it an iconic instrument closely associated with the genre. Maccaferri’s collaboration with Selmer left a lasting impact on the world of guitar-making, and his instruments continue to be cherished by musicians and collectors today.

Instruments used in gypsy jazz

The Instruments commonly used in Gypsy Jazz include guitars (Maccaferri-style or traditional), violin, double bass, clarinet, and accordion, creating a vibrant and dynamic sound.


The essential strumming technique of Gypsy Jazz

“La pompe” is a rhythm technique in Gypsy Jazz guitar playing. It involves a percussive strumming pattern, typically played on the rhythm guitar, consisting of alternating upstrokes and downstrokes. This driving rhythm provides a steady pulse and serves as the foundation for the swing feel of Gypsy Jazz music.