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Cuarteto Roque Monsalve Argentina

“Cuarteto Roque Monsalve” is a gypsy jazz band known for their modern and distinctive style, paying tribute to the legendary Django Reinhardt and Jazz Manouche. The band is comprised of lead guitarist Roque Monsalve, violinist Rafael Marrero, guitarist Francisco Seglie, and bassist Diego Rodríguez.

Throughout 2023 and in recent years, “Cuarteto Roque Monsalve” has captivated audiences in various Jazz clubs in Buenos Aires with their captivating show titled “Django Sessions”. With their skilled musicianship and unique approach, they bring a fresh perspective to the music of Django Reinhardt and Jazz Manouche.

Led by Roque Monsalve’s exceptional guitar playing, the band showcases their talent and passion for the genre. Rafael Marrero’s violin adds a melodic and expressive element to their performances, while Francisco Seglie’s guitar and Diego Rodríguez’s bass provide a solid foundation for the ensemble’s sound.

With their captivating interpretations and contemporary flair, “Cuarteto Roque Monsalve” has been gaining recognition for their ability to revive and reimagine the spirit of Django Reinhardt and Jazz Manouche. Their performances are a testament to their dedication to the genre and their desire to bring the vibrant spirit of gypsy jazz to new audiences.

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