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De Piotto’s

De Piotto’s, a renowned Dutch gypsy jazz band, carries on the rich musical tradition of their predecessors. Piotte Limberger, Latcheben Grünholz, and Bamboula Ferret passed the torch to Piotte’s four talented sons, who, like many great musicians, are self-taught and deeply connected to their instruments. Their album “Gipsy Passion” not only pays tribute to their father but also captivates listeners with its captivating and well-balanced sound.

The Piotto’s showcase their heritage through their masterful guitar playing and a deep understanding of the gypsy music tradition. Their music resonates with the spirit of Django Reinhardt, infused with well-crafted melodies that draw from both gypsy and popular music. Tracks like “Je suis seul ce soir” demonstrate their exceptional musicality.

In addition to their guitar skills, Jan, Storro, Biske, and Vivi, along with grandson Martin, showcase their versatility on violin, trumpet, double bass, and piano. This diverse instrumentation gives “Gipsy Passion” a unique and dynamic sound, reminiscent of the finest gypsy orchestras. Their intuitive interplay and innate musicality create a captivating experience.

Notably, the album features the participation of Fappy Lafertin, a cousin of the Piotto’s, who had previously played in their father’s orchestra. Fappy, an esteemed disciple of Django Reinhardt, together with Vivi Limberger, formed their own orchestra “ELSD” (also known as Koen De Cauter). Tcha Limberger, Vivi’s son, also showcases his remarkable musicality on this CD.

“Gipsy Passion” is an enchanting collection of 15 captivating songs, drawing from traditional Balkan music with a clear jazz sensibility. Its diverse rhythms and beautiful melodies immerse listeners in a world of vibrant sounds. From the lively “Summy on the Side of the Street” to the heartfelt compositions, this album is a testament to the enduring allure of gypsy jazz.