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La Romanderie

Formed in the city of Dortmund, Germany in 1973, the band ‘La Romanderie’ employed a traditional lineup with guitar, violin, concert harp, and accordion. To achieve a more modern sound, electric guitars and an electric bass were also incorporated alongside the acoustic instruments. In addition to numerous TV appearances and tours, the group released two albums: ‘Swing Mamam Bruderherz – Musik deutscher Zigeuner’ (1975) and ‘Gypsy Swing’ (1976). Their repertoire primarily included traditional swing, folklore, as well as bebop numbers, flamenco variations, and Latin tunes. The violinist showcased a typically romantic style of the Gypsies, with intense vibrato and lush ornamentation. …sobbing vibratos in the slow pieces, passion and speed in the bursts of sixteenth notes in the fast Friss-Csardas numbers. The lead guitarist had assimilated not only Django’s swing style but also lessons from Montgomery and Burell. Accordionist Nanu Krause found inspiration in both the legendary musette virtuosos and swing accordionist Art van Damme. While many Sinti ensembles experienced frequent personnel changes, La Romanderie stood out for their consistency.