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Romani Weiss Swingtett

Romani Weiss Swingtett is a German gypsy jazz band that has made significant contributions to the genre. The band members are talented musicians with diverse influences and extensive experience in the jazz scene.

Romani Weiss, a self-taught guitarist born in Berlin, started playing guitar at the age of 14 in popular jazz clubs alongside his cousin Martin Weiss. His musical mentor was Hän’sche Weiss, and his primary influences include Django Reinhardt, Tal Farlow, Barney Kessel, and Antonio Carlos Jobim. By the age of 18, he became a permanent member of the Hän’sche Weiss Ensemble and performed at major Gypsy jazz festivals from Darmstadt to Samois-sur-Seine. Romani Weiss is known for his own compositions showcased on the Hän’sche Weiss Ensemble’s records, where he demonstrates his skills as a sensitive arranger. In the 90s, he collaborated with Martin Weiss on various CDs, showcasing his solo guitar prowess. Balancing his career as a banker and a musician proved challenging, leading him to step back from touring and focus on music as a hobby while maintaining a high level of professionalism. His subtle and calm playing style adds a unique touch to the band’s interpretations of jazz classics.

Manolito Steinbach, hailing from (West) Berlin, comes from a family of musicians and developed a passion for solo and rhythm guitar. Influenced by his cousin, renowned Sinti musician Häns’che Weiss, and Django Reinhardt, Manolito’s guitar skills have been showcased at prestigious festivals such as the Schleswig-Holstein Musikfestival, Rheingau Musikfestival, and Jazzfest Gronau. In 2010, he received the Jazz Prize at the Summerjazz-Festival in Pinneberg.

Sorin Ferat, a highly skilled musician, completed a 12-year music education program focused on violin, clarinet, and saxophone in Bucharest, Romania. He performed with various symphony orchestras in Romania, initially playing classical music and later transitioning to standard jazz and café settings. Sorin gained extensive touring experience, including visits to Israel, Italy, France, Finland, and Germany. His light and straightforward playing style exemplifies his mastery of the genre and carries the spirit of the music. Sorin Ferat has performed in various formations ranging from trios to quartets.

Completing the ensemble is Gerold Donker on double bass. With a background in music studies in Oldenburg and Hilversum, Gerold has been an active figure in the German jazz scene since the 1990s. He has also served as a jazz bass instructor and ensemble leader at the IfM Osnabrück. Gerold has collaborated with esteemed musicians such as Bill Ramsey, Jörg Seidel, Burghart Klaußner, Reinhold Beckmann, and Inga Rumpf, among others. He has made appearances on radio and television and performed in numerous countries, contributing to over 40 CD productions.

The Romani Weiss Swingtett’s collective talent, diverse influences, and extensive experience make them a notable presence in the German gypsy jazz scene. Their performances and recordings showcase their virtuosity, passion, and dedication to the genre, captivating audiences with their unique blend of swing and gypsy jazz.


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