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The Patrick Saussois Trio

The Patrick Saussois Trio is a celebrated Gypsy jazz band that has enchanted audiences with their captivating performances. Led by the talented guitarist Patrick Saussois, the trio showcases their mastery of the Gypsy jazz genre with their exquisite blend of melodies and rhythmic improvisations.

Patrick Saussois, known for his virtuosic guitar skills, brings a distinctive voice to the group. His dynamic playing, characterized by dazzling runs, intricate chord progressions, and soulful solos, has earned him acclaim as one of the foremost Gypsy jazz guitarists.

Joining Saussois in the trio are Alain Claverie on guitar and Jean Claude Beneteau on bass. Claverie’s rhythmic dexterity and melodic sensibility perfectly complement Saussois’ guitar work, while Beneteau’s skillful bass lines provide a solid foundation for the trio’s sound.

The Patrick Saussois Trio’s performances are marked by their tight interplay, impeccable technique, and a deep understanding of the Gypsy jazz tradition. They effortlessly navigate through classic tunes and original compositions, showcasing their virtuosity and passion for the genre.

Throughout their career, the trio has performed at numerous jazz festivals, concert halls, and clubs, captivating audiences with their electrifying performances. Their music resonates with the spirit of Django Reinhardt, paying homage to the Gypsy jazz tradition while adding their unique artistic touch.

While Patrick Saussois passed away in 2012, his musical legacy lives on through the recordings and performances of the Patrick Saussois Trio. Their music continues to inspire and delight Gypsy jazz enthusiasts around the world, leaving an indelible mark on the genre.

The Patrick Saussois Trio stands as a testament to the enduring beauty and allure of Gypsy jazz. Their artistry, talent, and commitment to the genre have solidified their place as an esteemed ensemble, enriching the legacy of Gypsy jazz and captivating audiences with their remarkable musical prowess.