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Ignacio "Nacho" Garcia

Instrument: Guitar

Who is Ignacio "Nacho" Garcia?

Ignacio “Nacho” García is a talented Argentine guitarist born on March 5, 2000, in the city of Buenos Aires. From a young age, Nacho was surrounded by jazz, particularly Gipsy Jazz, as he attentively listened to the early rehearsals of “Swing Tzigane,” the band led by his father, Hugo García. Even at the age of two, Nacho would mimic the strumming of the songs with his toy guitar, keeping in rhythm.

Between the ages of eight and ten, Nacho began to sketch out the first chords and notes on a guitar, learning by watching and listening to his father in the true gypsy tradition. At the age of 12, he made his debut as a rhythm guitarist in “Swing Tzigane” at the International Jazz Festival Django Argentina in 2012, becoming the youngest musician to participate in the festival. Simultaneously, he started studying music and guitar with Germán Faviere and later with Gabriel Wajnerman.

Among his favorite and influential guitarists are Django Reinhardt, Bireli Lagrene, Adrien Moignard, Rocky Gresset, and Antoine Boyer.

Since his debut, Nacho has regularly performed as a rhythm guitarist and currently also as a soloist in “Swing Tzigane.” In 2023, he participated once again in the “International Jazz Festival Django Argentina” and performed at various jazz clubs in the Province of Buenos Aires and the Federal Capital.