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Lito Dalmon

Instrument: Violin

Who is Lito Dalmon?

Lito Dalmon, a violinist musician born in Buenos Aires, Argentina, on December 24, 1939, received his education in classical music and was a member of the Symphony Orchestra of the Avellaneda School of Music, performing at the Teatro Roma.

His approach and passion for music in general, and vocal and instrumental jazz in particular, were nurtured at home by his parents and a family background with the same interests.

Among his influences are Al Jolson, Louis Armstrong, The Mills Brothers, jazz, swing, dixieland, and, finally, the Hot Club de France, Django Reinhardt, and Stéphane Grappelli. In Argentina, he was also influenced by shows by Blue String, Oscar Alemán, Jorge Lagos, and other great masters.

He shared moments, rehearsals, meetings, and practices with many of the aforementioned masters. He played and sang music with Abramoff, Birenbaum, Cuirolo, Coronda, Demonte, Diddi, De Filipo, Ehrlich, Fonseca, Far, Gallo, Hugo García, Nacho García, Gómez N. García, Sebastián López Furst, Malosetti, Mitman, Parera, Pelican, Quinteros, Seguers, Terzano, and Zaragocha (Chachi).

He participated in clinics at the Musical Academies of Ricardo Pelican and Maloseti. He also performed in concerts by “Las Cuerdas Gitanas del Jazz Argentino,” the Traditional Jazz Festival in Santa Rosa, La Pampa, music outreach concerts at the Centro Cultural San Martín, the Amphitheater of Parque Centenario, the Mar del Jazz cycle, and had a presence in media outlets such as Radio Ciudad, FM Ecológica, Radio del Plata, Centro Cultural Recoleta, Jazz al Atardecer in Plaza Francia, and numerous venues that prioritize the music and the “joy of making jazz,” as Cesar Parisi used to say. He also shared moments with Carlos Passin on FM radio.

Among the groups he participated in are The Black Brothers, Les Quatre Violes, L’Escaviol Quartet, Las Cuerdas Vocales, and Las Cuerdas del Swing. Since 2001, he co-founded the current group Swing Tzigane with maestro Hugo García on solo guitar, maintaining the same lineup as a quartet or quintet over time.

In 2023, Lito Dalmon had the honor of participating once again in the “Festival Internacional de Jazz Django Argentina” under the direction of Ricardo Pellican. This outstanding participation was a testament to his talent and continuous contribution to the jazz scene in Argentina.