“The History of the Guitar in Jazz” by Norman Mongan



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"The History of the Guitar in Jazz" is a comprehensive book by Norman Mongan that traces the evolution of the guitar in the jazz genre from its early beginnings to the present day. The book is a detailed exploration of the guitar's role in jazz music and its influence on the development of the genre. Throughout the book, Mongan examines the ways in which the guitar has influenced and been influenced by other instruments in the jazz ensemble, including the piano, drums, bass, and horns. He also explores the role of the guitar in various subgenres of jazz, such as Latin jazz, gypsy jazz, and free jazz. From Johnny St Cyr, Lonnie Johnson, and Eddie Lang; to Teddy Bunn to Oscar Aleman and Django Reinhardt, to rhythm master Freddy Green, to electric guitar pioneer Charlie Christian, to Oscar Moore. Barney Kessel, Bill De Arango, to Jimmy Raney,Johnny Smith, Sal Salvador, to the Octopus Tal Farlow, Herb Ellis, Kenny Burrell, to the Thumb of Wes Montgomery, to Jim Hall, Joe Pass, George Benson, Pat Martino, Louis Stewart, to Jimi Hendrix and beyond; his disciples John McLaughlin, Larry Corryell, Mike Stern, Alan Holdsworth, and many others, they are all here in the remarkable volume. The book includes over 25 transcriptions of historic jazz guitar solos, +80 unique photos, and the discography of hundreds of jazz guitar recordings. This book includes a special Guitar section that contains photographs of the instruments that inspired the great guitarists from the Blues to the present.
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