Cyril Gaffiero Luthier Stochelo Rosenberg model

Pre-owned by Stochelo Rosenberg. Sold on 2021 to last owner.  Mint condition! Amazing sound and condition.

Cyril Gaffiero is a renowned French luthier based in the small village of Valence-en-Brie, close to Samois-sur-Seine in Seine-et-Marne, since 2006. Situated in a region steeped in rich musical history, particularly known for its annual Django Reinhardt jazz festival, Gaffiero finds himself at the heart of a community that deeply appreciates the art of Gypsy jazz.

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Originally drawn to the craft out of a deep love for music, Gaffiero cultivated his passion for building and repairing guitars over many years. Influenced by the legacy of Django Reinhardt and the iconic sound of Selmer guitars, he set out to recreate this distinctive style in his own instruments. In his workshop, Gaffiero meticulously handcrafts each guitar, focusing on Selmer-style models known for their unique, bright, and crisp sound, iconic to Gypsy jazz. He carefully selects woods, paying close attention to the grains and densities, to ensure each guitar he creates not only meets but exceeds the expectations of his clientele. Apart from crafting new instruments, Gaffiero also specializes in guitar repair and tuning, breathing new life into old, worn instruments, and ensuring they're properly tuned to deliver the best possible sound. His expert touch and deep understanding of the unique requirements of jazz guitars have made him a trusted figure among jazz musicians. Despite the precision and technicality involved in his craft, Gaffiero views his work as more of an art than a science. He believes that every guitar has a soul and a unique voice waiting to be discovered, and it's his job as a luthier to bring that voice to life. Over the years, Gaffiero has built a solid reputation in the music community. His guitars are praised not just for their superb craftsmanship and tonal quality, but also for the care and passion that's evident in every detail. As of my last training cut-off in 2021, he continues to serve musicians and contribute to the legacy of Gypsy jazz with his dedicated craft. Technical specs: Top: Hybrid Red Cedar/European Spruce Body: Multi-ply Tineo Neck: Maple with double action truss rod, 14 frets clear of the body Fretboard: Ebony Tuning Machines: Gotoh Tailpiece: Selmer type Scale Length: 670mm Finish: French polish (Shellac applied with a pad)
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