Cigano GJ10 Petite Bouche 2015

The Cigano brand aged gypsy jazz guitar is a sight to behold with its vintage and relic appearance, which speaks of its professional use. In excellent shape and condition, this guitar delivers a powerful and amazing sound that rivals Asian-made and other renowned gypsy jazz guitars. Whether playing, recording, or performing live, this instrument is an ideal choice. Additionally, it comes with its original hard case, making it easy to transport and protect. Don’t miss out on this fantastic opportunity to own a top-quality gypsy jazz guitar.


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The Cigano GJ-10 guitar is a popular choice among gypsy jazz guitar enthusiasts. Here are some of its key product characteristics:  Body Style: The Cigano GJ-10 features a D-hole design, which is a classic feature of gypsy jazz guitars. This shape is known for producing a bright and percussive tone. Top: The guitar is made with a solid spruce top, which is a common material for producing a clear and bright tone.   Back and Sides: The back and sides are made with laminate mahogany, which provides a warm and resonant sound.   SIGUE ABAJO Neck: The guitar features a slim mahogany neck with a rosewood fingerboard, which is comfortable for playing complex gypsy jazz chords and melodies.   Frets: The Cigano GJ-10 has 24 frets, allowing for extended range and versatility in playing.   Hardware: The guitar features a rosewood bridge with a compensated saddle, as well as nickel-plated tuners with white pearloid buttons. These components provide precise tuning and a classic aesthetic.   Finish: The guitar has a natural high-gloss finish, which highlights the beauty of the solid spruce top and mahogany back and sides.   Overall, the Cigano GJ-10 guitar is a well-crafted instrument with features that are specifically designed for playing gypsy jazz music. Its combination of solid spruce and laminate mahogany provides a balance of bright and warm tones, while its slim neck and extended range allow for playing intricate melodies and solos.   The Cigano GJ-10 Petite Bouche Gypsy Jazz guitar is a beautiful and high-quality instrument designed specifically for playing gypsy jazz music. It features a petite bouche (small oval) soundhole and a slim, comfortable neck that makes it easy to play fast and intricate melodies.   The top of the guitar is made from solid spruce, which produces a bright and responsive tone, while the back and sides are made from laminated mahogany, providing a warm and balanced sound. The guitar also has a rosewood fingerboard and bridge, which offer a smooth playing experience and help to enhance the guitar's overall tone.   One of the standout features of the Cigano GJ-10 is its Selmer-style tailpiece, which helps to replicate the distinctive sound of the guitars played by the legendary gypsy jazz guitarist Django Reinhardt. The tailpiece also adds to the guitar's vintage aesthetic, which is further enhanced by its beautiful and ornate rosette.   Overall, the Cigano GJ-10 Petite Bouche Gypsy Jazz guitar is an excellent choice for anyone looking to play gypsy jazz music - jazz manouche. Its high-quality construction, comfortable neck, and authentic sound make it a joy to play and a valuable addition to any guitarist's collection.   Top: Solid spruce Back and Sides: Laminated mahogany Neck: Mahogany Fingerboard: Rosewood Bridge: Rosewood Soundhole: D-hole Scale length: 26 5/8" Nut width: 1 3/4" Frets: 24 Tuners: 3-on-a-plate style with ebony buttons Tailpiece: Traditional gypsy jazz-style Pickguard: Tortoise shell-style Finish: High-gloss Strings: Savarez Argentine 1510MF Nut and saddle: Bone These specs give the Cigano GJ-10 a classic gypsy jazz guitar tone, with a bright and articulate sound that's perfect for playing in the style of Django Reinhardt and other jazz legends. The solid spruce top and laminated mahogany back and sides contribute to the guitar's clear and balanced tone, while the D-hole design gives it a distinctive look and sound. The guitar's 26 5/8" scale length and 1 3/4" nut width make it comfortable to play, and the traditional gypsy jazz-style tailpiece and ebony-button tuners add to its vintage aesthetic. All in all, the Cigano GJ-10 is a great option for players looking for an affordable and authentic gypsy jazz guitar.
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